Getting Started

How to make money online?



Tired of all the online scams?

Tired of trying to find a REAL opportunity online?

Tired of achieving average or NO results?



So much info, but where to start…..

Spending a lot of time reading blogs, watching videos or even buying the ultimate online program package can make anyone feel overwhelmed.. But even with all the information overload, you still do not know where to start, right?  Are you super excited, yet feeling you are slowly missing your chance of making any money online?

I have tried, but failed…..

Have you perhaps tried every trick in the book, spending money on training, tools or got scammed or even built a few websites, but got no results?  It sounded so easy, why have you not made any money yet?

The promises…….

Making millions while you sleep…….

Work for yourself, it is easy….

Fire your boss in 6 weeks…….

Work less, earn more……..

Get paid what you are worth

Spent more time with your family and less with your boss……

Work whenever you want

Making your first million is easy….


But the truth is…..

You can’t even get started

Information overload? which method is the best?

There are so many ways to make money online, but which method is the fastest, or easiest?

Who should you listen to, whose advise should you follow?

There are so many “internet millionaires and experts” which one is the real deal?

Where should you begin?

Reading all the right blogs and forums, gathering all information in theory, but when it comes to actually getting started, you don’t know how to do it.


And or you got no results

You got stuck because the methods you try to follow aren’t clear. Most of the methods or systems are made by experts who don’t realize that not all people are technically skilled. The steps are not clearly explained and the support behind the program is suddenly nonexistent.

It just doesn’t work. You got scammed by an  “expert” who actually haven’t tried his own method, and are just selling the products to make a quick buck.

You got stuck, distracted or discouraged. Either the process off looking for another and better method starts all over again or in most cases discouragement starts and the project is “on hold” until further notice.


But what if there is A FREE system that ACTUALLY works………….


  • A System that explains everything, step by step.
  • A system that is written completely foolproof for those who is “technically challenged”
  • A system that is achievable seeing real progress day by day.
  • A system that is backed by thousands of community members.
  • A system where you can ask as many questions 24/7 and never feel stuck.
  • A system that is automated and scalable.
  • A system which you can repeat and repeat and repeat
  • A system that will keep you encouraged, supported and motivated
  • A system that will give actual results
  • A system that is absolutely FREE to trial



In the beginning……


I’ve gone from earning zero bucks online to earning a full time sustainable lucrative big figure income promoting other people’s online products and learned on how to create my own.

I’ve built successful money-making websites on all sorts of niche topics, like banting recipes, tips on debt relief, how to earn when you learn, how to motivate staff and many more. There is money on almost any niche to be made.

Nowadays there is a lot of competition and it isn’t as easy as it once was. You have to outsmart the competition and understand the process to get a piece of the pie. But if you’ve got the right system, the best support, and the courage to take it on, there’s more money to be made than ever before!



What are you talking about?

Building websites aka, money-making machines have never been easier. Just follow the same proven steps every time and you will find consistent financial positive results.

The secret lies in following the steps, building something great, getting people to look at it, and then knowing how to get those people to BUY from you. You don’t need to be an expert… you just need to follow the process. The community members are aged from very young to more than retired, and all are earning a decent income. If they can do it, surely you could too?

If you’re tired of wasting time, money and opportunity (the longer you wait, the harder it gets) — you really need to take action now. Be part of the lucrative pie, your slice might be worth a few million in the next few months……



What does it cost…..

It is completely FREE to try….. yip, FREE. The only cost to you will be YOUR time and YOUR choice to take ACTION now!


Can you answer “YES” to the following questions, then SIGN UP NOW……..



Do you own a computer and have basic computer skills?
Can you use a mouse and keyboard? Can you find information by searching on Google or Face book?


Do you know what a website and domain name is?

To make money online you HAVE to have and understand what a website and domain name is.


Can you afford $10/year to purchase a domain name?
The website is completely FREE and if you become a member you can actually have as many as you want. The only 100% compulsory extra cost involved in the system is getting your own domain name. If you can’t commit to this, you should probably stop here and keep dreaming of making money online.


Can you follow step-by-step instructions?
You will actually have to do some work, but it is not difficult and everything is explained step by step. If you get stuck, there is help 24/7, just pop the questions and ask!  Remember, thousand of our community members started out like you, there are constant guidance, support and feedback.


Can you stay focused, take action and follow through?
Stop looking for more information on the “NEXT BIG MONEY MAKING METHOD”. Just stop. Finish the step by step guidance. This will give you the best training and understanding of the basic principles and tricks of the trade – step by step. Once you understand the basics set-up, then you can focus on new information if need be. Do not get distracted, keep your focus and engage in the forums and discussion groups. It is FREE. It is VALUEABLE and it is priceless.


Can you handle it not being a “get quick rich” scheme?
This system builds solid, real online businesses. The first time you do it, it might take a few days or weeks to understand and accomplish your first money making website. After that you will get the swing of it and it will be faster.
If you are desperate and after fast instant overnight cash, then this system is not for you. Be careful of anybody who does promise instant money satisfaction. It usually will turn out to be a scam.

If  you can confirm a YES on all above then you are ready!


The Steps…..

This step-by-step “how to” course will show you how to build money-making websites in 30s with proven results.


Step 1: Market research & keywords

See how to find a profitable niche topic.
Learn how to find the niches where you can make the most money. Getting this wrong can have serious consequences, so we will show you how to get it right first time.

Find the best products to promote.
How to pick the best digital and physical products that will make you the most money. If you can’t find a niche, don’t worry we can assist!


Step 2: Creating content

Can’t write? Don’t worry.
The course will show you how to create content that people will love, and better yet — that will convince them to buy.


Step 3: Setting up your website

Build your own website and customize it.
Just follow along the steps of choosing a Word Press theme. All the tools are already installed and you are ready to roll. Even if you’ve never built a website before… it is very easy, remember we said “foolproof”.


Step 4: Marketing strategies

No visitors = no money = no financial freedom! You need to learn how to generate traffic to your site. Copy the best strategies and traffic generation tactics for getting visitors to your website


Learn the ins and outs of search engine optimization. Learn how to get your pages onto the front pages of the search engines.

Drive visitors to your site with social media like Face book, Twitter, YouTube and document sharing sites.

Learn how to boost sales with ad swaps, “solo ads”, media buys and pay-per-click.

Learn how to target your niche buyers. You can make MORE money for much LESS effort by targeting people with high “buyer intent”.

Step-by-step training on traffic generation methods with forums and discussion groups. Ask a question 24/7.


Step 5: Monetization

Learn how to optimize your website for more sales


Don’t leave money on the table, up sell and down sell— learn how to add tracking to your site so you can analyze any weak spots in your money-making machine.

Learn how to create value and keep your visitors coming back. So you can sell to them again and again. (This is much easier than finding new prospects.)

Learn how to build your “list”. This is how your earnings can really start to snowball. And best of all… it works on autopilot.

Learn how to take things to the next level. Once your site is finished and making money, lets step up to next level for even more sales.

By the end of the course you will have a well-built, well-marketed and optimized money-making website. It’s as easy as following instructions.



 1. It is a “total step-by-step” system-  Never be stuck

One step at a time is all it takes to see success. No more intimidation or info overload, start your online business in easy to follow set-up steps. Breaking everything into small, easily-accomplished steps will keep you motivated and you will start seeing the results and get a better understanding of how the pieces of building an empire comes together.

To summarize:

Simple, step-by-step system. On building your own money-making website. All you have to do is complete the homework set up in each step.

All training and steps are recorded on camera. A Live demonstration on every task involved in building your website. Just watch the short videos and do the same.

Everything you need to know is in this course, right here. Stop looking for any other information, skills or tools. Just get started and see the results.

Diving straight into the detail. The course lessons get straight to the point, so you can start earning money as quick as possible.  Everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

2. It’s time-tested and proven to work

Wealthy affiliate t is based on solid business principles to build money-making websites.

The tools that are used might change as technology evolves and if happens get updated in the course. But the principles you learn and the fundamental strategy stands the test of time.

With Wealthy Affiliate you can feel safe in the knowledge that the assets you build today will continue to pay for themselves for years to come.

3.You don’t need any skills, knowledge or experience

Never built a website before? New to online marketing? No problem.

You don’t need to know how to build websites, be a great writer or a graphic designer.

You don’t even really need to know what affiliate marketing is.

Wealthy Affiliate shows you how to do everything from beginning to end. Anybody can follow it.

With simple, down-to-earth explanations and clear instructions, you’ll quickly get up to speed for the more advanced topics.

4. Help and support every step of the way

You can never be stuck, you are surrounded with members and staff who give valuable advice and tips. Join in the forums and discussion, ask questions it is FREE!


Our community members’ forum lets you chat with other Wealthy Affiliate members and get feedback so you’ll never get stuck.

Get answers quick: Staff and other members are always on hand to answer your curliest questions.

Get your website reviewed: A second, third or fourth pair of eyes can help spot problems you might have missed.

Get motivated: Chat with wealthy affiliate members who are already making money.

5. It is totally FREE to join, experience it NOW !!

Sign up for free, start the process and get a feel of what it is all about. I guarantee, that you will feel safe and comfortable and eventually sign up for full membership.


No upfront payments needed. Not even a credit card number is requested.

Absolutely FREE to try.

No RISK, so take action immediately.



“It has been an amazing ride. The information was clear and could really set-up my website in 30 seconds! What took me over 6 month to action, I have done in 1 week and earned my first ever income online.”

John H


“I could not find any other website with more support and information, than with Wealthy Affiliate.  It is everything you need to make a success online. I have realized that without their support I would never have managed to start my business online. Thank you Wealthy Affiliate.”

Crystal M


” The tips I received from members and staff are amazing and things just happens faster. I am grateful for all the support. I have just launched my 3rd income generated website.”

Garth M


“The help is professional and reliable. I have been encouraged and motivated by the amount of people giving their honest feedback and support. I have been generating a steady income that is growing every month.”

Peter J