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In short let me quickly introduce you to what we do that makes us successful and financial independent. Our online business was founded on the solid foundation and platform called Wealthy Affiliate.

If you have never heard of Wealthy Affiliate, here is a little background information about the company, how they started and what they do.

The company was founded originally back in 2005 by two young successful internet marketers named Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim out of British Columbia, Canada. Kyle and Carson combined their talents to form the Wealthy Affiliate platform, where they can share their knowledge with others. Wealthy Affiliate was created on the basic principles, helping others achieve success and provide a place to network and share Internet marketing.

They developed the Wealthy Affiliate platform as a community and educational program to train and assist fellow internet marketers.

Over time, the program has evolved into the world’s most complete, state of the art, online training system for anyone who wants to learn how to create their own website and online business. Today there are members within Wealthy Affiliate that began as novices and are now making close to $ 3,000 / day. It ‘s possible for you to achieve the same level of success if you put the effort into it.

Wealthy Affiliate is almost like an online University mixed with a social component similar to Facebook and a first class-room type framework. At Wealthy Affiliate, there is a strong positive community influence that is extremely beneficial  and motivational.

Wealthy Affiliate offers a professional platform that is easy to navigate and is loaded with helpful tools, resources, support and guidance. It is a professional online-university-level education that teaches you everything that you need to know in order to build your own online business.

There are new products and services, resources and tools to be added or updated all the time. There is no reason why you could not handle a big commercial success with all of Internet Marketing Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.

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