What is Content Marketing?




Content marketing is a great way to engage with customers and to provide them with expert knowledge to help them during their buying process of any product or service. In simple terms, content is king, and content marketing is the new found way to market your website online. Although there are many factors that make up a successful online marketing strategy, content marketing has become one of the key online marketing tools to help businesses promote themselves in a crowded competitive online market.


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If you are having doubts over the power of content marketing, or are considering investing time and money in a content strategy the following reasons should positively influence your decision.


Here is a few reasons why content marketing is so popular amongst online entrepreneurs:


Selling knowledge and expertise

With content marketing, your aim is to help and inform consumers. Creating regular content is a great way to engage with your customers and they will value the fact your brand always appears to be evolving and updating on valid and useful information.

It is there  to show people that your business truly knows the industry and that their expertise is credible.


The way content marketing works is not to directly sell to a reader, it gives the consumer an idea of why the product is good and how it will benefit them.

People can also share content on social network sites and this helps businesses spread their brand message and helps to increase company authority in the industry. For example a well run blog can become a valuable sales tool when posting links in twitter or facebook, suggesting or reviewing products and can help and guide readers all the way to the shopping cart.


Want to learn how to create content the right way and get paid?



Traffic to the site is increased

When your content brings in traffic, links within the content can help users to be guided to other relevant areas of the website. This means there is more of a chance for consumers to explore and look around the site.

Updating the site with frequent, relevant content, which is of high quality, will give the site a positive impact on search rankings

Social media is an important factor of your online marketing strategy, just think about the power of facebook, pinterest and twitter!  Socially shareable content from your blog will increase click through rates and engagement, and hopefully boost sales as a result.


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For email marketing it would be difficult to run a successful email campaign without content. Newsletters and blog posts are a great way to engage with current and potential customers by offering them insight and information on the products you are promoting or selling.

Content can increase sales through outreach, acquiring link power for SEO and engagement  with customers.


The bottom line:  content and content marketing , will drive sales – guaranteed.


Want to learn how to create content the right way and get paid?

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